New pricing structure 01 July 2021

New Pricing Structure from 01 July 2021

We are writing to advise you of an increase to our fees, as our bookkeeping hourly rate has remained the same for many years.

Bookkeeping Hourly Rate

We have come to a point in time that we need to revise our fee structure to continue to provide you the quality of service with our experienced local bookkeeping team. We have considered CPI indexing, the increase in super guarantee and industry standard fees and have made the decision to increase our standard bookkeeping hourly rate to $75 / hour ex GST from 01 July 2021. Our bookkeeping rate had been unchanged since 2015.

Goodbye Senior BAS Agent Hourly Rate

We are making further subtle changes to improve the services that we deliver and ultimately improve your experience as a client of ours.

To take another step towards becoming the ‘holy grail of bookkeeping practices’, we will be streamlining how we charge our BAS Agent Services.

The good news is that we are eradicating the Senior BAS Agent fee which you have been charged in the past for the lodgement of all compliance obligations. This was charged at a rate of $120/hour ex GST. Instead, we will be changing the BAS Agent service rate to $85/hour ex GST for the preparation of all BAS and IAS so this will be separated out from the day-to-day bookkeeping tasks to reflect the level of skill and expertise required.

You should see no real difference in the cost of your BAS preparation and lodgement overall. Rather, there will be less items to try and decipher on your Diverse invoices.

Summary of New Rates

Effective from 01 July 2021, here is a summary of our new hourly rates:

Please note that this will not apply to you if you are on an agreed fixed fee package.

  • Our standard bookkeeping rate will be $ 75 / hr ex GST
  • Payroll and super services will not change at $90 / hour ex GST – with a minimum 15 minute charge for each payroll processed.
  • BAS Agent services at $85 / hour ex GST for the preparation of BAS and IAS
  • Training and consulting packages are available on our website and are charged at higher rates
  • Travel will be $75 / hour ex GST if > 10 kms from the CBD

Minimum BAS & IAS Charge

The minimum charge for each BAS prepared will change to $170 ex GST and a minimum charge of $60.00 for each IAS processed. This will not apply if you have multiple entities. 

Trading Terms

Our terms of payment are 7 days from invoice date will remain the same.

From now on we intend to review fees annually in accordance with the CPI, considering industry standards and costs.

We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to provide services to you and your business.

If you wish to discuss this any further, please don’t hesitate to contact us.