Xero Unveils New Business and Partner Plans with Updated Pricing in Australia

Xero is set to simplify and enhance its service offerings with a new lineup of plans for its Australian customers starting from 1 July 2024. This strategic move is designed to streamline the user experience, offering more bundled features and making it easier for customers to access the tools they need.

Simplified Plan Structure

Xero is simplifying its partner plans by narrowing down the options to two: Xero Ledger and Xero Cashbook. Additionally, three new business plans are being introduced: Xero Ignite, Xero Grow, and Xero Comprehensive. These plans are tailored to meet the diverse needs of Xero users, from small startups to established enterprises.
The Ultimate plan will also see enhancements, including expanded access to Xero Expenses and Xero Projects, which will increase from 5 to 10 users. These changes aim to provide greater value and efficiency for all users.

Phasing Out Older Plans

From 1 July 2024, Xero will phase out several existing plans, including Payroll Cashbook, GST Cashbook, Payroll Only, Starter, Standard, and Premium. These will no longer be available for new customers, and existing add-ons will also cease to be sold separately. This means any new clients from this date will need to choose from the new streamlined plan options.

Transition to New Plans

Xero plans to transition existing subscribers to the new plans in phases. This transition will start with those on Premium 10–100 plans, who will be moved to the corresponding Ultimate plan tier at the new pricing. Xero intends to complete all subscriber transitions to the latest plans by March 2025. Clients have the option to move to the new plans earlier if desired.

Pricing Changes

As part of its ongoing commitment to evolve the Xero platform, a price adjustment for current plans will be made starting 1 July 2024. The changes are as follows:
  • Partner Plans: Ledger plan will see a minor increase of $0.50 per month.
  • Business Plans:
    • Payroll Only plan will be $20 per month.
    • Starter plan will be $35 per month.
    • Standard plan will be $70 per month.
    • Premium 5 plan will be $90 per month.
    • Ultimate 20 plan will be $145 per month.
    • Ultimate 50 plan will be $200 per month.
    • Ultimate 100 plan will be $245 per month.
These new prices will take effect from the next invoice after 1 July 2024 and include GST.

Keeping You Informed

Xero has stated that it is dedicated to keeping its partners and customers well-informed about these changes. It promises to provide at least 60 days’ notice before transitioning any plans and detailed information about the new options available.
These updates to Xero’s service plans reflect its commitment to providing more value and better service to its users. For further details on the new plans and to stay updated on future announcements, visit Xero’s official blog and website.