Building a Solid Foundation: Evaluating and Planning Your Business Idea

Whether you are just starting a business or want to improve your business plan, the significance of a well-structured business plan cannot be overstated. The business plan tool from is an easy solution for evaluating and setting goals for the year ahead.


Think of a business plan as your guide. It helps you set up your business correctly and creates room for growth. This plan is your partner in ensuring your business is geared for success from the start and keeps up as things change.

Evaluating a New Business Idea

Have you got a new business idea? Great! This tool helps you see if it’s a viable one. It guides you to look at the market, know who you’re against, and plan your strategy. This is how you ensure your idea can stand out and be profitable.

Setting Goals for the Year Ahead

Are you already running a business? This tool can help you set clear goals for the future. It enables you to decide what you want to achieve next year and how to get there. Planning like this makes sure you’re always moving forward.

Keeping Your Business on Track

This plan is like a map for your business journey. It helps you monitor how things are going and make intelligent decisions. With this plan, you can adjust your route to tackle challenges successfully.

Talk to the Experts

Before you finalise your plan, chatting with a professional like an Accountant or business mentor is smart. They can spot things you might have missed and give tips to improve your plan.

Resources to Help You has many guides and resources to help you plan, start, and run your business. Whether you’re just starting or thinking about your next steps, there’s something there for you:
In short, creating a custom business plan with‘s tool is like drawing a map for your business’s journey. It’s all about setting you up for success, helping you grow, and keeping you on the right path. And remember, getting expert advice can turn a good plan into a great one.
(Article sourced from the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers)