Making the Most of Payroll History PDF Reports!

Have you ever wondered how to keep track of all those changes in your payroll settings and employee records? Say hello to the Payroll History audit table and activity summary! These are your go-to spots for a neat history of all things payroll in your organisation.

Understanding the Payroll History Audit Table

What Does It Show?
Think of the Payroll History audit table as your organisation’s diary, jotting down every little tweak in payroll settings, whether it’s in the Organisation, Calendars, Pay Items, and Superannuation tabs or the employee record sections like Details, Employment, Taxes, and Bank Accounts tabs.
The Little Details:
Every change is marked with a date, showing exactly when it was made, and it also tells you who made the change or which app was used. It’s like having a behind-the-scenes look at your payroll’s evolution.
Who Can Access It?
Only those with special Payroll admin permission can take a peek into this treasure trove of information, keeping sensitive info under wraps. Subscribers, you can enjoy a view of the History table.

Browsing through the Payroll History Activity Summary:

Quick Glance:
The activity summary is like a highlight reel, giving you a clear snapshot of all the changes, which you can filter or search to find exactly what you need quickly.
Remember the Dates:
You can see changes made after:
– 1 July 2022 for Employee details,
– 13 December 2022 for Payroll settings,
– 27 March 2023 for Pay runs.
View It Your Way:
You can see the results bit by bit—20 events for the History table and 100 for the activity summary, and if you’re left wanting more, there’s always the ‘Load more’ button to see the next batch!
How to View and Export the Payroll History:
Finding the History Table:
It’s nicely tucked at the bottom of the page for Payroll settings, pay runs, and the employee record. To get a full view, click the arrow next to History.
Saving the Activity Summary:
Once you’ve checked out the Payroll History activity summary, you can turn it into a PDF or Excel file. Just hit ‘Export’, choose your format, and voilà, it’s ready to be printed or saved!
Why a Payroll History PDF Report is a Game-Changer:
Having the option to turn your Payroll History activity summary into a PDF means you can easily share and access this valuable info, whether it’s for audits, compliance checks, or just keeping everyone in the loop.
Wrapping It Up:
The Payroll History audit table and activity summary are like your organisation’s handy-dandy notebook, jotting down every change made in the world of payroll. Knowing how to use these tools means you’re always in the know about what’s been tweaked, tuned, or totally transformed in your payroll settings and employee records. And with the ability to export this info, managing payroll data has never been more effortless!