Protecting your Business: The Cyber Warden’s e-Learning Platform

Cybersecurity can be tricky, and we’ve seen in the last year that no business, big or small, is safe from online threats. These attacks can hurt a business, from losing money to damaging its reputation. Now more than ever, it’s super important that we up our game in protecting our digital world from cybercriminals, especially with the rise of online scams and fraud. This is why there is a call for a way to help the nearly five million small business workers in Australia feel confident and knowledgeable when it comes to staying safe online.
It’s crucial that we help people who work for small businesses get better at dealing with cyber threats. That way, they’ll be ready to stop attacks and bounce back quickly if there’s a security breach.

Introduction of the Cyber Warden’s e-Learning Platform

The Cyber Warden’s e-Learning Platform is a fantastic resource designed specifically for small businesses like ours. This initiative by the Council of Small Business Organisation of Australia (COSBOA) shows a real commitment to cybersecurity, providing owners and employees with the essential tools we need for online safety. We’re excited to see it become Australia’s first cyber safety workplace certification for small businesses.
In essence, the Cyber Warden’s program aims to create a workforce that’s savvy about online threats and how to protect against them. The great thing is you don’t need to be a tech whiz to get involved. Much like workplace safety officers protect us from physical risks, Cyber Wardens are here to guard against digital dangers, ensuring our business remains safe and secure.

The Goal

Over the next three years, the Cyber Warden Program aspires to train up to 60,000 small business Cyber Wardens. The goal of this initiative is to provide small businesses with the essential knowledge to:
  1. Spot cyber threats and know what they are up against.
  2. Take the proper steps to keep their businesses safe from these online risks.
  3. Have access to all the ongoing support and resources they need to stay protected.
You can visit the Cyber Wardens website for more information about the program:
(Article sourced from the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers)