Xero Beautiful Business Fund: A Golden Opportunity for Small Businesses!

We’ve got some exciting news for all the small businesses looking for an opportunity to scale and excel. The Xero Beautiful Business Fund offers NZ$750,000 funding to eligible Xero small business customers.

What is the Xero Beautiful Business Fund?

Launched last month by Xero, the fund aims to support and uplift small businesses across multiple regions – from Australia and New Zealand to Canada (excluding Quebec), Singapore, South Africa, the UK, and the US.

How to Apply?

You won’t believe how simple the application process is! There are four distinct funding categories that businesses can dive into, and the best part? You can enter as many as you like:
  1. Innovating for Sustainability: Tailored for businesses eager to move forward in their journey towards sustainability.
  2. Strengthening Community Connection: Perfect for those who are dedicated to making a positive impact in their communities. Non-profits, this one’s for you too!
  3. Trailblazing with Technology: For the tech-savvy businesses aiming to stay ahead with the latest technological trends and innovations.
  4. Upskilling for the Future: A business category focused on enhancing skills – be it for the owners or their employees.
To enter any (or all) of these categories, businesses need to:
  • Shoot a brief 90-second pitch video.
  • Upload the video.
  • Fill out a concise online application form.
Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to propel your business to new heights.
Apply here and embrace the beautiful future Xero envisions for all small businesses!