Xerocon: Bright lights, big announcements and all the bookkeeping hoo-haa!

By 04/10/2017Events, Latest

In mid September members of the Diverse team, Colleen + Sarah had the thrill of flying the Brisbane bookkeeping coop to head to Melbourne for the annual Xerocon conference.

Full of bright lights, lots of loud noises (literally), hoo-haa and hype, Xerocon is an interesting time each year to take a step back from the day-to-day business grind and evaluate where we are heading as an innovative bookkeeping and consulting practice.

It’s our time to re-energise, get up to date with the latest tips and tricks and stay at the forefront of business accounting innovations as well as Xero revelations while letting our hair down and getting to know other industry innovators.

Xerocon is the largest conference for bookkeepers and accountants in the southern hemisphere with over 3000 attendees from 19 countries. You may easily mistake it for a concert, it’s definitely not your regular accounting industry event, but cutting through all of the glitz and glamour it delivered the following messages for us:

  1. Do the unnecessary. The future of online business and an increasingly electronic world means that it is about the people and connections more than ever. The value of people to people old fashioned contact can not be replaced.
  2. Get the right team members, on board them well and create a culture for your staff and customers to thrive.
  3. The cloud. Get in it. Not much more to be said. There are so many sensational ways to automate and increase your efficiencies as a business owner nowadays that you really want to benefit from it all. The add-on world is extraordinary.
  4. Xero unveiled some great new features including Projects + Expenses which will greatly assist some of our creative agency clients amongst others.

We are already on the count down to Xerocon 2018 in Brisbane.